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Distributed Monitoring Solutions For Nagios

Distributed MonitoringInterested in scaling your Nagios deployment to monitor a large environment?  Distributed monitoring may be the solution you’re looking for.  We just created a document that describes different methods for configuring a distributed monitoring solution with Nagios Core and Nagios XI.


Analyze Nagios Performance With The Nagiostats Wizard

We came across an issue about a month ago where a user was losing data with a distributed/passive checks setup.  Upon a closer investigation we uncovered that all of the passive checks were being executed every 5 minutes from servers that were all synced to the same time server.  The result?  Hundreds of checks were all coming in with a few seconds, putting a heavy load on Nagios, while the other 4 minutes and 50 seconds were going virtually unused by the server.  After some discussion on this we decided to make use of a built-in tool for Nagios –  nagiostats – and create a wizard that could monitor Nagios itself to see how the checks were coming in and being processed.   Although multiple checks have been written in the past, we’ve created a new wizard that allows you to quickly create several checks against the nagiostats binary to monitor the monitoring environment itself.  We’ve just released a 1.0 version of this wizard and we’re curious to know what users think of it.  Feel free to give it a try and send us your feedback!

Nagiostats Wizard on Exchange

Wizard Preview


Graphs from the Nagiostats Wizard

Visualizing Alerts With The Nagios XI Heatmap

One of the cool things we’ve been working on for Nagios XI 2011 is an alert heatmap that provides a visual representation of alerts over time.

Representing alerts in a visual manner can provide users with a quick understanding of when major events occurred, and which hosts and services have persistent problems.

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Nagios Labs Is Launching

We’re just about ready to launch Nagios Labs – the place where our team will show you all the cool stuff we’re working on.  Stay tuned for more!