Monthly Archive for April, 2011

Nagios Montage

There are two issues that have always been present with Nagios, one technical and the other social.  The first is that Nagios is a fairly sophisticated and complicated piece of software, which can make it difficult for new users to get up and running with it quickly, as they have to deal with the hardest part about using it – installation and configuration – first, before being able to play with its abilities.  The second is that “Nagios” does not only refer to a single piece of software, but rather an extensive software ecosystem of community contributions around a common framework.  As such, it’s common for new users to not even be aware of all of the things Nagios can do, as they initially only see what the core engine can do, without any of those great extensions. Continue reading ‘Nagios Montage’

Cool Nagios Use – Monitoring Radiation Levels With Nagios

Some engineering Nagios users in Japan managed to hook up their geiger counter to Nagios, so they could monitor radiation levels outside their office in Tokyo.  This is a great example of how flexible Nagios can be, although it is a bit unnerving.  Our thoughts go out to everyone in Japan that is suffering from the recent earthquake and tsunami, as well as the ensuing radiation problems.  Stay safe!

See the geiger counter graphs at Denphone.

Cool Nagios Use – Detecting Silence In Audio Streams

Nagios is an extremely flexible monitoring system that is capable of monitoring just about anything you need.  A great example of a “non-standard” use of Nagios is that of monitoring audio levels and silence in audio streams.  James Harrison wrote a nice article on using Nagios to monitor audio silence with SilentJack.  Read his article here.