Nagios XI Graph Explorer Component Released

My brother (a fellow programmer) once told me, “the solution is easy once you know what it is.”  That’s been the case for the finishing touches needed to finally release a component that I’ve been excited about for a long time: The Nagios XI Graph Explorer.  This component utilizes a javascript visualization library and allows users to easily zoom graphs, select custom time frames, and even stack time periods on top of each other to compare performance from one time period to the next.  If you like data visualization, you’ll love this tool.  Currently this download is for current Nagios XI customers only and can be downloaded from the Nagios XI Customer Downloads page, and I recommend using this with Firefox for maximum reliability.  Special thanks to Nicholas Scott for accidentally pointing out the solution to the problem that’s been in front of my face the whole time ; )


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  • This plugin is really good just what I needed…makes life really easy to find graphs….

  • Wahou ! This component is amazing. Beautiful, simple… A must have ! Thanks for your work guys !

  • Thanks for the feedback, glad you’re liking it!

  • Excellent and Awesome! Our final need – which we are looking for right now – is about being able to overlay perf graph for different services together. Effectively – hostA, serviceX last 24 hours overlay with hostB, serviceX.

    Now, whether it makes sense or not, serviceX could be “not the same” for each.

    Any way to get this functionality?

    • Would you want to compare services with the same check running, for example, cpu load on 2 or 3 hosts? This can probably be done, but you’d probably only be able to compare maybe 3 services on a single graph, otherwise there might be some issues with memory limits.

      If this is an immediate need, we do also write custom components/plugins, contacts our sales team if that’s an interest. Otherwise I’ll put it in as a feature request for that component.

  • Hi
    Is it possible to use Nagios XI Graph Explorer to monitor and display SMARTS node up and node down events. ?

    Thanks in advance

    • The Graph Explorer can display graphs for any Nagios service that returns performance data. So if that check can return performance data it can be graphed. : )

  • Mike
    Thanks, it is great. In this scenario do I need Nagios XI to import the SMART performance data or will the Nagios XI Graph Explorer itself will suffice. To further clarify my question, is it possible to operate Nagios XI Graph Explorer without nsgios XI ??


  • We played around a bit with Graph Explorer and it really looks great and has great features.
    However, I couldn’t find how to STACK areas on top of each other. Are there any plans on implementing this ?

    • Currently the only feature like this is the “Time-Stacked” graph that will allow you to stack preselected time periods on top of each other. This is the is the 5th tab on the last. I believe it defaults to the last 3 days stacked on top of each other, but you can also select the last 3 weeks, or last 3 months.

  • Actually the goal is to stack different metrics within the same service.

    • Oh, that actually exists with the scalable performance graphs already. If the rrd contains multiple data sets it will layer them on top of each other. For example, the ping check shows both rta and ping loss on a single graph. If you click the data label on the bottom of the graph you can toggle the layers on and off for easier viewing.

      • I’m afraid i was misunderstood. The graphs in the scalable performance graphs section are “overlayed” for lack of a better term.

        In the RRD context, “Stacking” means placing an
        element above the previous element rather than the X-axis.

        See for an example.


        • Ok, that makes sense. I’m sure it can probably be done,that’s something I can take a look at for a future revision of the graph explorer.

  • Newbie question, I have downloaded the component and installed it. Now what? All my performance graphs are still the same plain old ones.

    • The graph explorer will add an additional link in the menu: Home->Performance Graphs->Graph Explorer. The graph explorer component adds new graphs in addition to the other graphing tools.

  • can Nagios Xi graph explorer be customized for monthly review of graphs such as host availability and service availability etc.

  • Is it possible to create diagrams and graphs based on hostgroups or servicegroups?

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