Monitoring Linux/Unix Machines Using SSH or NRPE

We’ve had a number of customer requests for new Nagios XI wizards that make it easy to monitor Linux/Unix machines either by SSH (using check_by_ssh) or NRPE. This is often useful in environments where Nagios admins have already installed the Nagios plugins and/or NRPE on machine in order to monitor them with Nagios Core.

Due to the requests we received, we whipped together some new wizards that help with this. Specifically, the new SSH Proxy and NRPE wizards.

And lest I forget, we also had a great community member (thanks Joshua!) document and test instructions on monitoring AIX over NRPE. We worked with Joshua to develop the NRPE wizard in a way that would work with his AIX/NRPE setup. BTW: Would you believe using Nagios to monitor AIX could save $300k+ on Tivoli licenses? 🙂

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