MSSQL Wizards Ready To Go

There has been large demand for MSSQL monitoring wizards and we just kicked out some MSSQL wizards and would love some feedback on how they are working.

Most of the plugins were written from the ground up with the exception of the check_mssql plugin, in python and use the pymssql  and are designed to be modular to allow for fairly generic plugins in order to be easily adapted to different database types. At any rate, this set of three displays that direction that we here at Nagios think is a prudent separation of labor for the database plugins. Also, these wizards require the MSSQL server be setup to allow TCP/IP connections.

Server – This wizard is intended to used for general health of your database. It does measure CPU metrics directly, but more general metrics of the how the conglomeration of databases is performing. Metrics like lazy writes, page writes, deadlocks, page splits are included in this wizard. Since I’m not MS DBA I had a hard time deciding which metrics were of paramount importance and decided to use the ones I figured would be most useful to have, however, I would love to hear from real life DBAs  in regards to which metrics would be useful.


Database – This wizard geared toward monitoring individual databases. Metrics like Log File Usage, Log Cache Hit Ratio, Transactions/Sec are included in this wizard.


Query – This wizard is to monitor individual SQL queries and compare the query to an expected string, and will return critical if the string doesn’t match. These return results can

So please, take these for a spin if you’re got a MSSQL environment and let us know how to improve them.

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