Monitor WatchGuard Devices Using Nagios XI Wizard

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In an effort to make NagiosXI even easier to setup while maintaining granularity, we are creating wizards for specific devices. Methods for monitoring network devices are not one size fits all. SNMP mibs differ and web interfaces differ, so we’ve embarked on an adventure of writing wizards for specific vendors of devices. The wizard recently completed is an example of that adventure.

The folks at WatchGuard were nice enough to send us a demo unit to play around with and develop a monitoring solution for. After experimenting with it for a little while we wrote the WatchGuard wizard that makes it incredibly easy to setup the Nagios configuration for your WatchGuard device. This wizard (and the wizards to follow) is useful for system admins because all of the guess work is taken out of monitoring the device. With this wizard its as simple as install the wizard, follow documentation (links provided below) and then grab lunch. It used to be that you had to find the best way to monitor a device by checking the exchange for plugins, if they didn’t exist you’d have to make your own. We’ve got your back and have taken care of the how to monitor the device.

If you’re a vendor who would like to talk about getting a wizard written for your hardware please contact us and we can get a monitoring wizard written for some your hardware.

Documentation can be found at –

WatchGuard Documentation PDF

Watch Documentation Video

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