Bash and Python NRDP Clients for Nagios

Now available 2 new clients to send passive check results to Nagios Remote Data Processor (NRDP) server.

We have just released: Bash NRDP Client Python NRDP Client

You no longer need to install PHP or Perl on your client machines to run passive checks with NRDP.  Both of these implementations can accept result piped from STDIN and you can change the delimiters to whatever you like.

STDIN results should be in the following order, for HOST checks:

for SERVICE checks

Additionally, the bash version can take an XML file of check results formatted like so:


1 Response to “Bash and Python NRDP Clients for Nagios”

  • hi,
    i make a little script to test the NRDP solution, and it works.
    but i have a problem with the python version. When i run it manually, it’s fine but with the crontab nothing happen.
    it’s possible to make a ash version of the script ? (for busybox unix)

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