Automated Host Management In Nagios XI

This document describes how to automate adding and removing hosts and services in Nagios XI from the command line. Some administrators may have need to automate the process of adding and removing hosts and services in Nagios XI for use with cloud computing or large environments where solutions like Puppet or Chef may already be implemented. The procedures below outline how administrators can create their own automation solutions to safely add and remove hosts and services in Nagios XI while still maintaining the integrity of the monitoring environment.

Automated Host Management Documentation

6 Responses to “Automated Host Management In Nagios XI”

  • This is certainly a feature that many larger installs will appreciate. In fact, I am implementing it right now with an organization working toward 20,000 checks on a Nagios XI install. This will be a major reason for some organizations with large Core installs to move toward XI…thanks. I surely appreciate all the hard work the developers at Nagios are doing.

  • Typo in document. “nagiosql_delete_service.php” is used instead of “nagiosql_delete_host.php”
    After the services have successfully been deleted, the host can be removed as well:
    ./nagiosql_delete_service.php –host=LOC_MASShost_1

    • Looks like there are actually two typos here, the arguments should all have two dashes as well: –host=myHost –config=myConfig. I updated and posted the new doc this morning, thanks for catching this!

  • This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks muchly.

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