Nagios Incident Manager Public Beta

Nagios Incident Manager is an enterprise-class incident management application that allows teams and individuals to track and solve problems faster using a powerful web-based application that offers security, mobility, third-party integration, and tools for collaboration. Nagios Incident Manager can be integrated easily with Nagios XI or Nagios Core’s built-in event handling, or any other third party tool with an easy-to-use web API for creating and managing tickets. Nagios Incident Manager is currently available for public beta testing, with install instructions posted below. Supported installation platforms are CentOS and RHEL 5/6, and we recommend installing the beta on a clean system.

Beta Installation Instructions

Documentation and tutorials are coming soon!

For Nagios XI users, see documentation on Integrating Nagios IM with Nagios XI.



9 Responses to “Nagios Incident Manager Public Beta”

  • Sorry, but where is the “delete” button for deleting created incident?

    • There’s a button on the bottom left for updating incidents in bulk, and it allows you to close or resolve incidents.

      • Thanks for reply, but if o accidental created an issue then is there anyway to simply remove it ? Or it’ll come in case that my subbordinate misunderstood an normal event to an actually incident and submited it. Then i want a way to remove it from the report. etc… 🙂 anyway. Good tool.

  • Is there any information available about pricing? The link that it shows is not working yet.

    • Yeah we’re actually in the midst of building those product pages as we speak, as well as determining final pricing. We’ll try and get those up ASAP.

  • Hi all,

    I installed IM, but trying to access it from browser it told me that some SourceGuardian loader is needed. But the SourceGuardian isn’t Open Source SW and they want USD ~200.

    Any advise pls?

  • Thank U so much, Mike! 🙂

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