Nagios Fusion Operations Center Component

The Nagios Fusion Operations Center Component provides a single looking glass to all unhandled host and service problems across multiple Nagios XI servers. This component is intended to be a read-only viewing screen screen to watch for problems in a distributed monitoring environment. Currently this component only fuses data from Nagios XI servers, aggregation of Nagios Core servers to come in a future release.

Download Nagios Fusion Operations Center Component


4 Responses to “Nagios Fusion Operations Center Component”

  • After installation (of, it leaves the server (Nagios Fusion) inoperable !!! (have to manually delete the dashlet’s directory)

    When does it come the version (of NOC dashlet) that aggregate Nagios Core servers; I need it quick, how to proceed ???


  • thx, i did it (my mistake… installed as dashlet instead of component)!!!
    any hints about a daslet of Nagios Core services problems ??

    • That one is a bit farther out on the radar, since it presents some scalability challenges for users with very large environments. At some point we’ll probably look at having an option of using mklivestatus to fetch the data from Core installs, but we don’t currently have an ETA on that right now.

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