Monitoring a Nagios XI Server

Many people rely on Nagios XI for their monitoring needs, but what happens if the primary XI monitoring server goes down, crashes, loses power, or gets disconnected from the network? For example, if your border router or internet connection goes down, Nagios XI will be unable to deliver email alerts to admins. See below:

Nagios XI - Monitoring a Nagios XI Server

The solution is to monitor the primary Nagios XI monitoring server from an offsite location to ensure it is both reachable and operating properly. You can accomplish this by simply running the Nagios XI Server Monitoring Wizard against your primary Nagios XI server. By default, the following checks are included: Ping, Nagios XI Web Interface, Monitoring Daemons, Monitoring Jobs, Load, and I/O Wait. In other words, the offsite Nagios XI instance is configured to only monitor the primary Nagios XI server. It is not configured to monitor all the individual infrastructure components that the primary server monitors. The design is quite simple – see the picture below:

Nagios XI - Monitoring a Nagios XI Server

Nagios XI is licensed for free usage if you monitor seven nodes or less, so in this instance you don’t need to purchase a separate license. This simple design allows you to minimize cost, while addressing potential problems with the primary Nagios XI server, and ensuring that monitoring contacts are notified in case of failures.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to monitor your primary Nagios XI server:

More information can be found in the following document: Nagios XI – Monitoring a Nagios XI Server

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