Check Out the New Scheduled Backups Component in Nagios XI 2014

One of the coolest new features in Nagios XI 2014, is the Scheduled Backups Component. Backups may not sound cool and exciting, but in the event that your Nagios system has a major issue, or you want to restore on a fresh system, having off-disk backups can be a lifesaver. The Scheduled Backups Component also makes backups extremely easy and straight forward! Are you excited yet? If not, you’ll get there once we are done going through the many available options.

To get started head over to your local Nagios XI machine, and log into the web interface. Once you’re in, open up the Admin page and select Scheduled Backups, down on the bottom left area of your interface. You should see all three backup options are initially disabled, and there is currently no last backup size, as none have been run.

Nagios XI 2014 Scheduled Backup Component

Looking a little lower, notice the three tabs for each backup option. The three main options for backups are FTP, SSH\SCP, and local backup. While each has it’s own settings pertaining to specifics of that protocol, some settings are the same between them. Some similar settings would be; enabling backup type, scheduled backup time, storage directory, and backup limit. The FTP and SSH\SCP tabs have similar but unique settings as well, such as server, port, username, and password. Once these details are filled in, you can test the connection and upload ability on remote systems, and folder permissions on local paths.

FTP Settings For Scheduled Backups Within Nagios XI 2014

Once your settings are tested and correct, press the Update Settings button to save the changes to any and all backup types. The next time you are here, these same setting will populate back in and you should see one or more green checked circles displaying which are enabled.

Nagios XI 2014 Scheduled Backup Component

Should you need to restore one of you backups, simply follow the Restoring From A Backup section on pg.2 of the Backing Up And Restoring Your Nagios XI System document.

If you would like to try out the new Scheduled Backups Component and see the latest version of Nagios XI 2014  in action, you can give it a test run by downloading Nagios XI 2014 here with a fully functional 60 day free trial.

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1 Response to “Check Out the New Scheduled Backups Component in Nagios XI 2014”

  • Hello,
    This is the good future that you have provided in NagiosXI 2014.
    Can you provide also some more details about what script is going to executed in the background.
    If it is – please give possibility to leverage the future that the backup script is provided as well:

    [Tue Dec 02 21:37:02] root@sq5vplngs001://usr/local/nagiosxi/scripts# ./ -h

    Use this script to backup Nagios XI.

    -n | –name Set the name of the backup minus the .tar.gz
    -p | –prepend Prepend a string to the .tar.gz name
    -a | –append Append a string to the .tar.gz name
    -d | –directory Change the directory to store the compressed backup

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