How To Upgrade Nagios XI From Web UI. (How to Upgrade to Nagios XI 5.)

Upgrading to Nagios Xi 5?

If you are using Nagios XI 2014 or later, you can upgrade your Nagios XI instance easily from the web UI, provided your server is connected to the Internet.

Upgrade Nagios XI From Web UI

Here’s how you do it:

From the Nagios XI web interface navigate to the Admin menu, click Check for Updates menu on the left, then click Check For Updates Now. If an update exists, the most recent version will be displayed and you can click the Upgrade to Latest Version button to start the upgrade process.

Note: If you are running the most current version, the Upgrade to Latest Version button will not be displayed.

Check For Updates

Next a pop-up window will ask are whether you sure you want to upgrade Nagios XI. If you’re ready to make the upgrade, click OK.

Note: The pop-up warns you again to back up any edited files which you do not want to be overwritten and clarifies that components are not overwritten unless they are core XI components. To clarify which components are considered core XI components go to Admin → Manage Components. Core components are identified by a Type equal to “Core”.

Upgrading Pop Up

The upgrade process will start automatically.

Note: The upgrade process can take a few minutes depending on the size of your Nagios XI installation. Please be patient.

Upgrading in Nagios XI

Once the upgrade completes, you will see a green box stating the update was successful and a button to complete the upgrade. Click the Complete Upgrade button.

Upgrade Completed Successfully

Nagios XI will now display the most recent version of the software when you navigate to the Admin → Check For Updates page.

Check For Updates

You have now successfully upgraded your Nagios XI software from the web user interface!

You can view our document on how to upgrade Nagios XI using the Web UI by clicking on the link below:

Nagios XI – How to Upgrade Using the Web UI

Note: If there is an error for whatever reason, a red box will appear and you may need to upgrade manually. The most common reason for this would be no internet access.

For instructions on how to upgrade manually, view the document linked below:

How To Manually Upgrade Nagios XI

If you’re new to Nagios XI, download the free fully functional 60 Day Trial to get started!

Happy Monitoring!

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