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Nagios XI Google Map Component v1.1

The Nagios XI Google Map Component v1.1 displays host status as an overlay on a Google Map within Nagios XI. It uses lat/long coordinates defined in the “notes” config field to identify host location. Version 1.1 now support polylines for parent->child relationships. Any parent->child relationship that has coordinates defined for both hosts will now draw a polyline displayed between the two.  This can be useful for drawing a topology map on real geographic locations. Special thanks to Wesley Zhao for your work on this feature!


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Nagios XI Hypermap Component – version 1.1 released

Some customers requested a change in the way hypermap is shown on the screen in Nagios XI. It used to be shifted to the left, so we fixed this issue in the new version (1.1) of the Nagios XI Hypermap Component. Now the hypermap is placed in the center of the screen. It look great! Give it a try!

You can download the new version from the Nagios Library – Nagios XI Customer Downloads section.


Using FTP in Nagios to deploy NSClient++

Many customers showed interest in deploying NSClient++ to multiple machines across a windows domain, without the need to log in remotely or be physically present on these machines.

If you are using Nagios to monitor a windows environment, you can use FTP as a component to deploying NSClient++. We just posted a document on the Nagios Library, which explains how to configure FTP for Nagios. You can review it here.

Additional information on deploying NSClient++ via FTP in Nagios will be available soon.

Nagios SNMP Trap Interface (NSTI) Available


Nagios SNMP Trap Interface has been uploaded to the nagios project SVN repo. Its goal is to make it easier to see what traps have arrived and provides a sane way to keep track of SNMP traps.
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