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Nagios Fusion 2012 Preview

Need a simpler solution for scaling Nagios?  Distributed monitoring environments often contain several Nagios servers in order to cover multiple geographic or network locations, or sometimes just to scale large enough on a single network.  Nagios Fusion 2012 is a central dashboard and data aggregation for all of your Nagios installations.  Fusion 2012 will integrate seamlessly with Nagios XI and Nagios Core 3.x installs, and requires no additional configuration changes on any of your Nagios servers.  Here’s a highlight of the current feature list:


  • Unified authentication for all Nagios XI servers
  • User-defined, customizable dashboards and menus
  • Easily drill down to any Nagios server to find problems
  • Fused Tactical Overview information
  • Fused Health Summaries for Nagios servers
  • Fused  Alert Summary
  • Fused Alert Histogram
  • Fused Top Alert Producers
  • Several new data visualizations


The power exists in Nagios Fusion to aggregate almost any information across multiple Nagios installs.  The main question we’re looking at from here is: “What do users want to see in their central Nagios dashboard?”  We’re interested in getting some user feedback for ideas on this project as well as some beta testers for the upcoming release.  Here are some screenshots to give an idea as to what is to come.


Nagios Remote Data Sender (BETA)

Nagios Remote Data Sender, or NRDS is a component installed on a Nagios XI server that allows the administrator to create and manage configurations and plugins to be deployed with a passive agent that can be installed on a variety of operating systems.  The passive agents downloads the current configuration and the required plugin from the Nagios XI server and run the checks and posting the results to the XI server.

Passive Monitoring with NRDS – Documentation

Nagios Remote Data Sender (NRDS) – Component Download


CentOS 6 for Nagios XI Cloud Monitoring

We have now released a CentOS 6 version of Nagios XI in the Amazon Ec2 for cloud monitoring.  The new release is build on the x86_64 architecture and will be the standard for future builds.

In case you missed the announcement from Amazon, all instance sized can now be spun up with 64 bit images.  This is a great step forward as it allows someone to start with a small instance at a much reduced price and as they grow they can take their same snapshot an start it up on a much larger system.

More information about running your Nagios XI system in the cloud can be found in our Nagios on Ec2 article in the Nagios Exchange.

Cloud Monitoring now in Sao Paulo South America

TheAmazon Web Services (AWS) latest Nagios XI – Amazon Ec2 cloud images have been pushed out to the following additional location:

  • S. America (Sao Paulo)

The Nagios XI cloud images are an excellent opportunity to try Nagios XI without having the upfront expense of dedicated hardware and can be upgraded with virtually zero downtime.

Additional documentation on using the Amazon cloud images for your Nagios XI deployment may be found on the Exchange.

Using Nagios XI In Amazon EC2 Cloud