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Nagios Core 4.0.0 Now Available

We are pleased to announce that Nagios Core 4.0.0 is now available for download. Core 4 brings numerous performance enhancements and new features to a platform that is already the world leader in monitoring. Key changes included in this release are outlined below:

  1. Performance Improvements:
    –  Core Workers (see below for more information.)
    –  Configuration Verification: In Core 4, each configuration item is only verified once with an O(n) operation, whereas in Core 3 it was an O(n^2) operation.
    –  Event Queue: In Core 4, inserting events into the event queue is now an O(log n) operation, whereas in Core 3 it was an O(n) operation.
    –  Macros: In Core 4, macros are now sorted at start-up so that a binary search can be used rather than the linear search that was used in Core 3. In addition, frequently accessed macros such as $USERx$, $ARGx$, and $HOSTADDRESS$ are given special case, early lookups.
  2. Query Handler: The query handler provides a simple interface for external entities communicating with Nagios Core. Core workers use the query handler interface.
  3. Core Workers: The process of performing checks is now handled by a lightweight core worker process.
    –  There are standard worker processes that are created when Core starts that stay running as long as Core is running. This eliminates at least one fork of Nagios Core when a check is performed and in many cases two forks, thus speeding up the checks.
    –  Core workers communicate with the main Nagios Core process with an in-memory IPC mechanism (currently Unix-domain sockets), eliminating the I/O bottleneck that Core 3 encountered while writing and reading check results to/from disk.
    –  The core worker architecture is extensible to special purpose workers that could potentially perform checks even faster and/or distribute the check load.
  4. libnagios: libnagios is a library of functions useful to developers of query handlers and core workers.

For more detailed information on what’s new in Core 4, visit:

Nagios XI 2012r2.0 Now Available

We are pleased to announce that Nagios XI 2012r2.0 is now available. As an ongoing commitment to our customers, this release includes numerous small bug fixes, improvements, and new features to extend upon the most powerful IT infrastructure monitoring solution on the market.

This release includes an upgrade to Nagios Core 3.5.0, which contains bug fixes and updates related to downtime, restarts, and the way non-ASCII characters are handled. To learn more about the changes included in Nagios Core 3.5.0, you may view the changelog here.

Also included in XI 2012r2.0 is an upgrade to NDOUtils 1.5.2, which includes updates to address the effects that low system resources can have on database communications. Read more about NDOUtils 1.5.2 here.

A new feature included in this release is the ability to display a custom logo in your exported reports. In past versions, reports displayed the Nagios XI logo by default, but now with the use of the custom logo component, you may display a logo of your choosing.

An additional feature now allows host aliases (descriptions) to be searched via quick find.

Lastly, as part of this release, XI is now compatible with PHP 5.4.

To view a quick guide on how to upgrade an existing Nagios XI installation to the latest release, click here.

We greatly appreciate the feedback that the Nagios community continues to provide. If there is a feature you would like to see in a future release of Nagios XI, be sure to share your ideas with our tech team in our Nagios Ideas forum!