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How to Monitor Domain Expiration with Nagios XI 2014

Nagios XI - Domain Expiration WizardAnyone who rents or owns a domain knows that its registration will expire unless it is renewed. An expired domain can cause loads of issues for groups who rely on the accessibility of said domain whether they are large or small. One major issue that can stem from an expired domain in which you may have forgotten to renew is that a “squatter” could potentially register that domain under their own name and grab your valuable traffic for themselves. With the new Domain Expiration Wizard you can monitor down to the day of when your domain will expire. This is done by checking against the registrar to determine the time remaining so that you can renew your registration before it becomes too late. This is only one of the new wizards included in our latest release of Nagios XI 2014.

The Domain Expiration wizard can be ran in a few easy steps:

  • First, Enter the address of your domain:

Nagios XI - Domain Expiration Wizard

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Monitoring Your MongoDB Database and Server with the New Wizards in Nagios XI 2014

Every once in a while, a new database pushes to the front of the news. These databases generally bring a renewed schema and some neat tricks and features others may not offer. Due to the increasing popularity of MongoDB NoSQL databases, we have designed two new wizards for use with Nagios XI 2014: the MongoDB Database Wizard, and MongoDB Server Wizard. Continue reading ‘Monitoring Your MongoDB Database and Server with the New Wizards in Nagios XI 2014’

Analyze Nagios Performance With The Nagiostats Wizard

We came across an issue about a month ago where a user was losing data with a distributed/passive checks setup.  Upon a closer investigation we uncovered that all of the passive checks were being executed every 5 minutes from servers that were all synced to the same time server.  The result?  Hundreds of checks were all coming in with a few seconds, putting a heavy load on Nagios, while the other 4 minutes and 50 seconds were going virtually unused by the server.  After some discussion on this we decided to make use of a built-in tool for Nagios –  nagiostats – and create a wizard that could monitor Nagios itself to see how the checks were coming in and being processed.   Although multiple checks have been written in the past, we’ve created a new wizard that allows you to quickly create several checks against the nagiostats binary to monitor the monitoring environment itself.  We’ve just released a 1.0 version of this wizard and we’re curious to know what users think of it.  Feel free to give it a try and send us your feedback!

Nagiostats Wizard on Exchange

Wizard Preview


Graphs from the Nagiostats Wizard