Nagios XI CCM Full Beta

The Nagios CCM (Core Configuration Manager) is a new configuration front-end for managing Nagios XI object configurations.  Nagios XI currently uses a modified version of the NagiosQL project for it’s configuration management, but back on 2009 we decided it would ultimately be easier for us to maintain and update the CCM  if we built our own front-end onto the existing  backend.  The Nagios CCM project is still based on the NagiosQL database structure, but the front-end has been completely rewritten to allow for easier changes and additions, as well as a list of several new features.

  • The ability to test host and service checks directly from the web interface
  • Plugin documentation can be viewed from the web interface
  • Search filters built into every page
  • Improved pagination
  • Group relationships can be see from both group->object and object->group directions.
  • Improved user feedback from the database and it’s relationships
  • Ability to modify host/service configurations in bulk
  • Ability to maintain static configuration files directly from the web interface
  • Bulk activation/deactivation of configurations

Currently the Nagios CCM installs as a Nagios XI component, and it awaiting community beta testing in order for it move into production.  We’re currently looking for users to beta test the new CCM, so if you’re interested in helping test this out, go ahead and comment to this post.  See the screenshots below for a preview!




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