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Audio Alerts With Nagios XI

Many of you have asked about generating audio alerts in Nagios XI. Troy Lea put together a document on doing exactly that on Raspberry Pi. Even though, this is not an officially supported setup, we feel that the document would be beneficial to many Nagios XI users. You can view the document here:

We would love to here your feedback! Did it work for you? Have you tried setting up audio alerts on a different platform? Have you found an easier solution?

Happy Monitoring!

Will It Monitor?

We often get asked “Will Nagios monitor XYZ?” so we built a device to answer just that question. Will it monitor? Let’s find out!

Announcing the Nagios Knowledge Base

The Nagios Support Team has been working hard to compile our new Nagios Support Knowledge Base!

Almost everyone who has used a Nagios product is familiar with our documentation.  We pride ourselves in writing solid docs, which is why we are proud to announce our centralized Nagios Support Knowledge Base!

The new Knowledge Base (KB) will improve users’ ability to find and use Nagios documentation for their environment.  First and foremost, the KB provides a database of documentation that can be searched by topic, text, and tag so multiple related docs can be discovered at the same time.  The goal was to group the search results together to broaden the knowledge presented beyond just the strictly relevant doc and make it easy to find exactly what users needed. By creating the Nagios KB, we now have a central repository for our docs that is laid out in a logical hierarchy of topics and subtopics. This should help group concepts together, improve cohesion between docs, and allow our users to find what they are looking for.

One thing to note: Our old docs are still going to be around, but we will be slowly migrating their content into the KB so over time we will reference the PDF links less and less in favor of the KB articles.

I don’t want to ramble on and on about the new KB, so go check it out for yourself!

Happy Monitoring!

How To Set Up A Nagios XI License Maintenance Status Check

There are a few ways to set up a Nagios XI license maintenance status check. It is also very easy to check the Nagios XI license maintenance status inside Nagios XI. Here’s how…

Once logged in to Nagios XI you can navigate to the Admin menu then click on the License Information link on the left (However, many administrators simply forget to do so!). From the License Information screen you can view the time remaining on your license and/or click the renew now link to begin the renewal process. That’s all there is to it; nice and easy!

Setting Up a license Status Check in Nagios XI

Some Nagios XI users showed interest in setting up a license status check in XI. Having such a check makes perfect sense.  If you were notified that your license is about to expire, you would renew it on time thus avoiding any possible service interruptions. Also, you may be running several Nagios XI instances. You wouldn’t want to log in to each one just to check when each license expires. You could monitor all of the licenses from one central Nagios XI server.

I wrote a small bash script, which can be used to set up a license status check in XI. You can download the plugin from here:

Install it as you would normally install any other plugin in Nagios XI.

Admin -> Manage Plugins -> Browse -> -> Upload Plugin

You can test the plugin from the command line by running:

To view the usage (help) menu, run the plugin with passing a “-h” or “–help” flag.

nagios license status check

After you verify that the plugin works from the command line (see the example in the help menu), you can proceed with setting up a command and a service check under the Core Config Manager in Nagios XI.

check nagios license status


nagios check license

Save and Apply Configuration.

From the Nagios XI web interface go to the “Service Detail” menu and click on the newly added service. Schedule a forced immediate check to make sure the check returns the expected output.

service detail screen of license check status in nagios xi

For more information, please review our documentation (“Nagios XI – How To Set Up A Nagios XI License Maintenance Status Check“):

Happy Monitoring!