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Monitor the End of the World (or any other event of your choosing) with Nagios XI!

Nagios XI is extremely flexible, perhaps more flexible than most people realize!

To showcase the flexibility of Nagios XI, President and Founder of Nagios – Ethan Galstad, has developed the plugin Doomsday Check  to monitor an arbitrary doomsday date (of your choosing) with customizable warning and critical thresholds.

Although this plugin may not be very practical in a networking environment, it’s fun to play around with and is definitely worth a try.


Service Status Detail


If you would like to use this plugin, simply download it here to your plugins directory (/usr/local/nagios/libexec/), make it executable (`chmod +x check_doomsday.php`), and create a service for it.

You can find more information on how to manage plugins in Nagios XI in this document. If you are an XI customer you may also watch this video.

If you are new to Nagios XI, you can test drive it free for 60 Days by downloading the trial.

Also, the Nagios World Conference is fast approaching! Register here today!

Nagios Incident Manager Public Beta

Nagios Incident Manager is an enterprise-class incident management application that allows teams and individuals to track and solve problems faster using a powerful web-based application that offers security, mobility, third-party integration, and tools for collaboration. Nagios Incident Manager can be integrated easily with Nagios XI or Nagios Core’s built-in event handling, or any other third party tool with an easy-to-use web API for creating and managing tickets. Nagios Incident Manager is currently available for public beta testing, with install instructions posted below. Supported installation platforms are CentOS and RHEL 5/6, and we recommend installing the beta on a clean system.

Beta Installation Instructions

Documentation and tutorials are coming soon!

For Nagios XI users, see documentation on Integrating Nagios IM with Nagios XI.



Latest Alerts Component Released

One of our customers requested that we add a “latest alerts” feature to Nagios XI, so the interface felt familiar to team members that were used to a competing product. We whipped up a component to meet their needs and “voila!”, here it is for your use as well.

The new Latest Alerts component can be downloaded from the customer-only download section of the Nagios Library. Note: You must have a current support and maintenance contract for Nagios XI to download the new component.

Mass Acknowledgment Component

A few weeks back we had a user request if there was some way they could acknowledge multiple services at once.  As we looked through our software we realized we didn’t have a simple way to do this.  I searched the nagios exchange, and although there were some scripts that did this, they didn’t have any way to handle hosts or service problems selectively.  So we went to work and developed the Mass Acknowledgment Component that bring up a list of all unhandled problem hosts and services, and lets you pick from a list of items that you can either acknowledge or schedule flexible downtime for.  This should be handy for admins who have a large outage and need to quickly acknowledge dozens or even hundreds of services at once.  Installation is quick and easy, just access the Nagios XI Admin->Manage Components page and upload the zip.


mass acknowledgment component

Mass Acknowledgment Component

Get the download here.