Audio Alerts With Nagios XI

Many of you have asked about generating audio alerts in Nagios XI. Troy Lea put together a document on doing exactly that on Raspberry Pi. Even though, this is not an officially supported setup, we feel that the document would be beneficial to many Nagios XI users. You can view the document here:

We would love to here your feedback! Did it work for you? Have you tried setting up audio alerts on a different platform? Have you found an easier solution?

Happy Monitoring!

Will It Monitor?

We often get asked “Will Nagios monitor XYZ?” so we built a device to answer just that question. Will it monitor? Let’s find out!

Nagios XI 5.3.0 Released

Nagios XI 5.3.0 Release

Nagios is pleased to announce the release of Nagios XI 5.3.0. This release includes improvements to the back-end memory usage, improved stability of Nagios XI, and overall better performance improvements. Nagios XI 5.3.0 provides easy to use interfaces with scheduled downtime, performance graphs, and graph pop outs on status pages and new components for managing user macros and custom included files. API endpoints and custom API extensions are a new addition as well, making it easier for users to make mass changes. There are multiple changes to the Core Configuration Manager (CCM) including CCM in-application plugin testing. In addition, the release has increased security features, new security settings, and new improved help sections.

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Announcing the Nagios Knowledge Base

The Nagios Support Team has been working hard to compile our new Nagios Support Knowledge Base!

Almost everyone who has used a Nagios product is familiar with our documentation.  We pride ourselves in writing solid docs, which is why we are proud to announce our centralized Nagios Support Knowledge Base!

The new Knowledge Base (KB) will improve users’ ability to find and use Nagios documentation for their environment.  First and foremost, the KB provides a database of documentation that can be searched by topic, text, and tag so multiple related docs can be discovered at the same time.  The goal was to group the search results together to broaden the knowledge presented beyond just the strictly relevant doc and make it easy to find exactly what users needed. By creating the Nagios KB, we now have a central repository for our docs that is laid out in a logical hierarchy of topics and subtopics. This should help group concepts together, improve cohesion between docs, and allow our users to find what they are looking for.

One thing to note: Our old docs are still going to be around, but we will be slowly migrating their content into the KB so over time we will reference the PDF links less and less in favor of the KB articles.

I don’t want to ramble on and on about the new KB, so go check it out for yourself!

Happy Monitoring!