Monthly Archive for August, 2011

Customized Landing Pages For XI Users Now Available

We have numerous MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and organizations using Nagios XI that like the idea of being able to customize the landing page (aka the “home page”) that users see when they login to the Nagios XI interface.

We thought this would be an extremely useful addon for Nagios XI, so we built a new homepage modification component that can accomplish just that!

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New Microsoft Exchange Server Monitoring Wizard!

We’ve had a lot of folks ask about Nagios’ capability of monitoring Microsoft Exchange servers. There are a number of plugins that have been capable of doing so for a while now, but our customers wanted something easier. Thus, we decided to create a nice Exchange server monitoring wizard.

We’ve tested the wizard with Exchange Server 2010. If you’ve got an older version of Exchange, give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

Get the Exchange Server wizard on Nagios Exchange

Action URL Component

We’ve had a few users request the use of the “action_ur”l and” notes_url” config options to be accessible from the XI details screen.  Nothing terribly fancy with this component, just another option for those users who need it.  As Nagios developers, we love feedback, and we love to know what you guys need from our software, so keep the suggestions coming!


MSSQL Wizards Ready To Go

There has been large demand for MSSQL monitoring wizards and we just kicked out some MSSQL wizards and would love some feedback on how they are working.

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