Nagios XI Operations Screen For Your NOC Monitors

A new Nagios XI user asked us to integrate a dashboard into Nagios XI that could be used to display the status of everything that’s being monitored on a NOC screen. We modified an existing project to work with Nagios XI’s authorization functions and voila – a new awesome operations screen for Nagios!

You can download the opscreen component from Nagios Exchange.

12 Responses to “Nagios XI Operations Screen For Your NOC Monitors”

  • This looks like a very interesting screen. However when i try to install it, it seems not to work.

    When i check the log file i am seeing the following:

    [Mon Jan 23 10:33:33 2012] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function opscreen_component_config_func() in /usr/local/nagiosxi/html/admin/components.php on line 509, referer: https://central/nagiosxi/admin/components.php

  • Thanks for the note! I just updated the zip file with a fix for this error. It should be available shortly.

  • This interface looks really cool. I am comparatively new to Nagios, I uploaded this to XI thru component management. not sure how to access it?

    • Thanks Ashish! Once you install the component, click on the “Home” menu and you’ll see an “Operations Screen” link under the “Tactical Overview” link. Hope that helps!

  • Adam Wittenberger

    I installed this Operations Screen but it not all host names show the proper alias. I went in through core config manager and all hosts have the proper alia set, are there any updates to this addon?

    • You can use the alias instead of host_name with a single line change. Edit: /usr/local/nagiosxi/html/includes/components/nocscreen/nocscreenapi.php.

      Change line 141 from:






      • Adam Wittenberger


        I am using the opscreen and not nocscreen. Those lines do not appear in opscreen.php. For the opscreen there appears to be a merlin.php file that looks like it would be used for pulling the host information.


      • The problem I am exrpniencieg is with SNMPwalk throwing an encryption error. I was able to get SNMPv3 working but the walk only works if I do not have encryption enabled. Both the device and the version of SNMPwalk I have support AES 128.

  • Hi, i wanted to know if the operations screen shows everything or only services and hosts that my users is linked with…?

    Because i have an issues with somes users who dont have acces..?
    can somebody help me..?

  • Does this possibly work with core, or is there a similar project that could work with core? I absolutely love this display and want to use it in our system.

  • Is this the same as “Operations Center” in the current (2012r2.2) Nagios XI? Could you please enhance it so that the server names and service names are hyperlinks as in Open Host Problems, etc.

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