New NRDS Config Manager Released

The Latest version of the NRDS Config Manager (version 1.3) is now available!

NRDS Config Manager allows you to centrally define configuration files and plugins for monitoring agents. This centralized configuration tool makes the configuration of monitoring agents easy and flexible.

The latest version contains major bug fixes to both NRDS_Win and NRDS_Lin agents. There are also a number of new enhancements, including improved SSL support, an extension handler for common script types, and the ability to build your NRDS_Win installer files on the fly.

NRDS_Win installer

Documentation on latest NRDS_Win capabilities can be viewed at:

To install the latest version, simply go to the “Admin” menu of Nagios XI and Choose “Manage Components”. Lastly choose “Check for updates” and you will be notified of the latest updates for all components!

3 Responses to “New NRDS Config Manager Released”

  • So do we assume that this marks the start of official nagios agent for monitoring may be a replacement for nsclient++ in the future with active checks handler feature too inside this. But that’s nice

  • hi,

    a quick quesiton : qhich port needs to be open in direction from clinet to nagiosxi server for passiwve checks with NRDP to work? 80, 443?

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