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Announcing the New Naming Convention for Nagios Enterprise Products

You may have noticed that the naming convention for several products has undergone a change.

Nagios Network Analyzer was the first product to make the transition to our new convention – moving from version 2014R1.9 to version 2R1.0. Nagios XI followed, moving from version 2014R2.7 to version 5R1.0. This change largely represents clarity and uniformity across our product line – the ultimate goal is reducing confusion.

We recently made a final revision to the naming convention to match standard Semantic Versioning. What this means is that moving forward, all products will use the following convention:


Some of our products have already made the move, the rest will follow the new versioning convention in their respective releases.


Nagios XI

From: 5R1.0

To: 5.2.0


Nagios Log Server

From: 1R2.2

To: 1.2.3


The naming change also provides key benefits internally, including:

  • Increased development workflow clarity, especially regarding revision software.
  • The ability to better coordinate our releases by changing the appropriate version number.

In addition to the above benefits, we think that the new naming convention has a nice ring to it. We hope that the change isn’t too confusing – let us know if you have any questions!