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Latest Alerts Component Released

One of our customers requested that we add a “latest alerts” feature to Nagios XI, so the interface felt familiar to team members that were used to a competing product. We whipped up a component to meet their needs and “voila!”, here it is for your use as well.

The new Latest Alerts component can be downloaded from the customer-only download section of the Nagios Library. Note: You must have a current support and maintenance contract for Nagios XI to download the new component.

Nagios XI Graph Explorer Component Released

My brother (a fellow programmer) once told me, “the solution is easy once you know what it is.”  That’s been the case for the finishing touches needed to finally release a component that I’ve been excited about for a long time: The Nagios XI Graph Explorer.  This component utilizes a javascript visualization library and allows users to easily zoom graphs, select custom time frames, and even stack time periods on top of each other to compare performance from one time period to the next.  If you like data visualization, you’ll love this tool.  Currently this download is for current Nagios XI customers only and can be downloaded from the Nagios XI Customer Downloads page, and I recommend using this with Firefox for maximum reliability.  Special thanks to Nicholas Scott for accidentally pointing out the solution to the problem that’s been in front of my face the whole time ; )


Visualizing Alerts Through A Different Lens

We’re constantly looking at ways to visualize data faster and easier.  One of the solutions that’s being worked on is a new graph of alerts.  Watch for this to be available for Nagios XI in the next few months.

Nagios Visualization Toolkit (Under Construction)

In the past months we’ve had several requests for better control and time specifications for Nagios performance graphs, and me being a big fan of fancy visualizations, I’ve been staring at the old PNP graphs for a while and wondering if there’s a way we can create graphs that look like they’re actually from this decade.  After reviewing several different visualization libraries, we decided to take a stab at developing some new tools with some graphing libraries from HighCharts.  Although some of the fine details are still being polished, our first prototype has us pretty excited about where this project is headed.


JQuery Performance Graphs in XI

Our first prototype is a zoomable performance graph, that allows you to specify start/stop times, and then dynamically zoom the graph all the way down to a 5mn interval for closer examination.  Although these graphs are client-side, they can all be exported into either png, pdf, jpg, or SVG images to use in external reporting or presentations.  Let us know what you think!