Nagios Cloud Solutions Now Available in Frankfurt Amazon EC2 Region

TheAmazon Web Services (AWS) latest Nagios XI, Network Analyzer, and Log Server – Amazon EC2 cloud images have been pushed out to the following additional location:

  • Europe (Frankfurt)

The Nagios cloud images are an excellent opportunity to leverage the capabilities of Nagios XI, Network Analyzer, and Log Server in your environment without having the upfront expense of dedicated hardware and maintaining the ability to upgrade your system with virtually zero downtime.

Documentation on using the Amazon cloud images for your Nagios XI deployment may be found on the Exchange.

Using Nagios XI In Amazon EC2 Cloud

Using Nagios Network Analyzer In Amazon EC2 Cloud

Using Nagios Log Server In Amazon EC2 Cloud

These documents describe how to launch new pre-installed Nagios servers in the Amazon EC2 cloud and is intended for Nagios Administrators who would like to bring up new Nagios instances in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), as well as those who are moving existing installations to the cloud.

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