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Using the Mass Acknowledge Component in Nagios XI

The Mass Acknowledge component in Nagios XI 2014 makes it very easy to mass acknowledge problems with hosts/services that are in non-OK state. The component allows you to suppress additional alerts to be sent out, while a team member works on resolving the issue(s). This component can also be used to schedule downtime for hosts/services, or schedule immediate checks in bulk.

From the Nagios XI Home page, navigate to Incident Management –> Mass Acknowledge. Select the function you would like to use from the Command Type drop-down menu. Then, select the hosts/services you wish to target. You can select some of the hosts/services by clicking on each checkbox or you can select all of them at once, by clicking on the Check All Items button. If you suspect that there are more hosts/services in a non-OK state than those you see on the page, you can always click on the Update List button on the top to update the list.

Next, set the length of downtime in minutes, and enter a comment. You have an option to choose whether to send or not to send alerts. Simply select or deselect the appropriate Notify checkboxes. Also, you have an option to make some (or all) of your comments Sticky or Persistent.

Note: If you want acknowledgement to disable notifications until the host/service recovers, check the Sticky acknowledgement checkbox. On the other hand, if you would like the host/service comment to remain once the acknowledgement is removed, check the Persistent acknowledgement checkbox.

Finally, click on the Submit Commands button.

Mass Acknowledgements and Downtime Scheduling in Nagios XI

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Monitoring a Nagios XI Server

Many people rely on Nagios XI for their monitoring needs, but what happens if the primary XI monitoring server goes down, crashes, loses power, or gets disconnected from the network? For example, if your border router or internet connection goes down, Nagios XI will be unable to deliver email alerts to admins. See below:

Nagios XI - Monitoring a Nagios XI Server

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Latest Alerts Component Released

One of our customers requested that we add a “latest alerts” feature to Nagios XI, so the interface felt familiar to team members that were used to a competing product. We whipped up a component to meet their needs and “voila!”, here it is for your use as well.

The new Latest Alerts component can be downloaded from the customer-only download section of the Nagios Library. Note: You must have a current support and maintenance contract for Nagios XI to download the new component.

Mass Acknowledgment Component

A few weeks back we had a user request if there was some way they could acknowledge multiple services at once.  As we looked through our software we realized we didn’t have a simple way to do this.  I searched the nagios exchange, and although there were some scripts that did this, they didn’t have any way to handle hosts or service problems selectively.  So we went to work and developed the Mass Acknowledgment Component that bring up a list of all unhandled problem hosts and services, and lets you pick from a list of items that you can either acknowledge or schedule flexible downtime for.  This should be handy for admins who have a large outage and need to quickly acknowledge dozens or even hundreds of services at once.  Installation is quick and easy, just access the Nagios XI Admin->Manage Components page and upload the zip.


mass acknowledgment component

Mass Acknowledgment Component

Get the download here.