Nagios XI Hypermap Component – version 1.1 released

Some customers requested a change in the way hypermap is shown on the screen in Nagios XI. It used to be shifted to the left, so we fixed this issue in the new version (1.1) of the Nagios XI Hypermap Component. Now the hypermap is placed in the center of the screen. It look great! Give it a try!

You can download the new version from the Nagios Library – Nagios XI Customer Downloads section.


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  • I noticed an bug in this component. Several hosts which are not enabled still show up in the hypermap. I checked the rest from nagiosxi but there is no other screen where the hosts show up.

  • Well, i have several network which we monitor. All results are being send to the central with NRDP. Since 2 weeks 1 of those networks down. All hosts on this particular network have been disabled which works fine.

    However on the hypermap they where still visible. I finally solved it by manually deleting the config files from those hosts.

  • Managed Network Services

    very nice post, i certainly love, keep on it !!!!!

  • Hi,

    I’m encountering a problem with Hypermap with NagiosXI. If I add the Hypermap Component as a dashlet it doesn’t display the circles in the background completely resulting that if I zoom in, the host on the top and on the bottom are not displayed. Even if enlarge the dashlet itself.

    Here is a link to a screenshot of this scenario:

    Can you tell me if this is a bug or if i’m doing something wrong?

    thanks in advance,

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