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Automated Host Management In Nagios XI

This document describes how to automate adding and removing hosts and services in Nagios XI from the command line. Some administrators may have need to automate the process of adding and removing hosts and services in Nagios XI for use with cloud computing or large environments where solutions like Puppet or Chef may already be implemented. The procedures below outline how administrators can create their own automation solutions to safely add and remove hosts and services in Nagios XI while still maintaining the integrity of the monitoring environment.

Automated Host Management Documentation

Managing Remote Nagios XI Servers

Managing a Nagios XI server is an important requirement to ensure that the monitoring server can be configured to meet organizational needs and that application updates (patches and upgrades) can be applied. Nagios XI servers that are placed on remote networks often requires that an administrator configures firewalls and routers to allow access to management features.

We wrote a short document that describes the requirements for and methods of managing remote Nagios XI servers. To learn more, read the document on Nagios Exchange.