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How to Passively Monitor Windows Machines with NRDS & Nagios XI

In my previous article, I demonstrated how easy it is to passively monitor Linux machines with Nagios Remote Data Sender (NRDS) and Nagios XI. In today’s article, I will cover passive monitoring of Windows machines via NRDS.

Monitoring Windows machines via NRDS is no different than monitoring Linux boxes. You need to follow the same three steps:

  1. Adding Configuration
  2. Client Installation
  3. Configuring the host and its services

Step 1 – Adding Configuration

Go to Admin -> Monitoring Config -> NRDS Config Manager, click on Create Config, select Windows (32- or 64-bit) from the Operating System drop-down menu, and click on the Next button. You will see the Edit NRDS Config page. Most of the config options will already be populated for you with the default options. All you will need to do is type a config name, select a token from the drop-down menu, and click on the Apply button. For this example, we will be creating a config called “Win7x64”.

Edit NRDS Config

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Automated Host Management In Nagios XI

This document describes how to automate adding and removing hosts and services in Nagios XI from the command line. Some administrators may have need to automate the process of adding and removing hosts and services in Nagios XI for use with cloud computing or large environments where solutions like Puppet or Chef may already be implemented. The procedures below outline how administrators can create their own automation solutions to safely add and remove hosts and services in Nagios XI while still maintaining the integrity of the monitoring environment.

Automated Host Management Documentation

Documentation: Writing Custom Wizards

We’ve had some requests in past months about developer documentation for writing custom Configuration Wizards for Nagios XI.  Many admins have a large amount of devices of a specific type that they regularly need to add to their monitoring environment.  So for those needing to write their own wizard, and don’t mind getting their hands dirty with PHP development, this document and example code illustrate how to write a monitoring wizard while maintaining the integrity of the Nagios XI framework.  The example wizard utilizes a weather alerts check plugin written by Tony Yarusso.  You can find the document on the Nagios Library.